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Welcome to The Production Lot – now that you’re here, it’s time to start sharing your ideas, commenting, and connecting with fellow members!

First things first: How to start posting.

There are four types of posts you can create on The Production Lot: Discussions, Polls, and Questions. These post types are slightly different, and you’ll find they each serve a unique function and outcome.

How to create a post

To start, the green New Post button is available on the homepage and throughout the site.

When creating a new post from the homepage, you’ll first need to select a category of where you want the post to appear. Selecting 'General' will assign your post to the main page, while choosing another category like 'Producer' or 'Production Accounting' will keep your post on that respective group's page.

Alternatively, creating a new post from a group page (e.g., Producers or Production Accounting) the category will automatically be assigned as that group.  

To learn more about groups, please visit our guide on Navigating the Production Lot. 

After clicking on New Post, a drop-down menu will appear with different options. Here’s how to use these choices for different content. 

1. Discussions 

Creating a new discussion is a great way to share your thoughts about a topic and hear from others. Is something new and exciting happening in the industry that you want to talk about? Is there a topic you wish more people in the community knew about? Share it here!

To ensure your discussion is seen by the right people, check that you’ve assigned the appropriate category and given your discussion thread a clear title that will get others interested and commenting.

Pro tip: You can also include images (max size of 400 KB), links, and PDF attachments in the body of your post!

2. Polls 

Curious what the community thinks about a topic? Start a poll! Polling is an easy way to receive quick responses to questions that don’t require longer answers.

Pro tip: Be creative with your poll options! Better options will give you stronger feedback. 

3. Questions 

Asking questions is a valuable part of the Production Community. Considering a new strategy or technique and want to know how it worked for others? Curious about how to get started in casting? You can ask that, and more, here.

Pro tip: Starting a question thread is best suited to questions, or ideas which need longer responses. If your question only requires a short, predetermined answer, try out a poll instead. 

Whenever you see a question that you know something about, feel free to jump in. More voices help curate an active community!

Before submitting a question, try using the search tool at the top of every page. You may find a discussion is already happening with the answer you need.

Editing and deleting posts 

Noticed a last-minute spelling error, or need to change some information? Click the three dots in the upper corner of your post and select Edit from the drop-down menu.

If you need to remove a post all together, you can also select Delete Discussion to remove it.

If you’re wondering what kind of content to post, or how you should contribute to the community, check out this Welcome Guide to find out more.

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