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  • Edward Grad
    Edward Grad Member Posts: 1

    Hi everyone, my name is Edward Grad. I currently looking for new work opportunities in Los Angeles County. I've been in industry for 20 years working as matte-painter, concept artist, art director on feature film, TV series, advertising and feature animation. My former employers include Walt Disney Animation, Technicolor, Rhythm & Hues, MPC, Digital Domain, The Mill and CBS. Recently I have finished working on several HBO, Amazon Prime and Apple+ TV shows.

    I'm open for positions in production and post production.

    My portfolio with demo reel:



  • Joffre Madinya
    Joffre Madinya Member Posts: 1
    edited April 4

    Hi everyone, This is Joffre Madinya I'm a Commercial Photographer in South Florida, I play many rolls: I do BTS photography on film and commercial sets, I do Grip and Gaffer. I'm a hard worker and fun to work with. Recently I was on the set of Bad Boys and is was pretty cool to be part of that crew.

  • Katy Brune
    Katy Brune Member Posts: 1

    Hi everyone, happy Friday!

    I am a production professional located in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. I currently freelance for higher profile live events and television and am looking for more production assistant or coordinator roles in Television or Film. My career in live events spans 10 years with 3 of them being in TV.

    Television- Production assistant (present) and screens coordinator (past)for awards shows, reality competition, and TV Specials. I have been working more recently as a Production Assistant for the Credentials/Parking departments on various productions

    • Some shows worked for television: American Music Awards 2017 & 2018, BET Awards 2018, The Voice Seasons 13 and 14, Creative Arts Emmys 2018, Kennedy Center Honors 2017, Grammys Elton John special 2018, Stand Up to Cancer 2018, Grammys 2020 & 2021,Billboard Music Awards 2020, Riot Valorant Champions Tournament 2023, Rockin' New Years Eve pretape 2024, and Emmys 2020 and 2024

    I also freelance as Safety Management for Pride festivals and am a AV Project Supervisor for Conferences. I can provide an extensive list of shows worked for these plus past experience in Event Security and Festival Operations

    I am an enthusiastic and dedicated worker who focuses on getting the job done. I hope you will check out my resume attached to this post and welcome you to contact me. I am available for freelance, part time, and full time positions.

    Looking forward to speaking!

    Katy Brune-Diaz


  • Michele Mahjobi
    Michele Mahjobi Member Posts: 3

    Hi my name is Michele and it's great to be part of this community, I am a producer, writer and actor and looking to collaborate. I am looking for projects and network.

  • Mariya Borodina
    Mariya Borodina Member Posts: 2

    Hello! Excited to be a part of this community!

    1. I’m Mariya Borodina, based in London, UK
    2. I am interested in joining production crews as a Runner, Trainee AD, Camera Assistant, or Editor
    3. I’m interested in Runner positions on sets and advancing towards becoming an Assistant Director and later on Director. 
    4. My top three favourite films are: Gone with the Wind, Big Fish, Pan’s Labyrinth. 
    5. I am looking for opportunities to advance my skills and experience. 

    My portfolio:

  • Jeff Collins
    Jeff Collins Member Posts: 1

    Hello everyone, Jeff Collins here. Basically new to the industry, working 2 seasons on CSI and one on a True Crime series as a Technical Advisor. My experience brings 34 years of law enforcement with 14 years of Forensic Investigations at the Crime Lab. Well versed in law enforcement techniques, not limited to high impact entries, patrol tactics and investigations. Crime scene processing and lab procedures.
    Definitely interested in providing insight in television and films in law enforcement techniques and Crime Scene Investigations.

  • Brian Mars
    Brian Mars Member Posts: 1

    Hello All!

    My Name is Brian Mars and I have been involved in every aspect of post production for over 40 years! I have been involved in live action & animation streaming TV as well as feature motion pictures. I am open for the next project or opportunity to work with team members in creating the highest sound audio post whether consulting or editorial I am pleased to present. Please feel free to reach out and contact me for any service needed!

    Best Wishes, Brian!

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