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  • Garrick Riley
    Garrick Riley Member Posts: 1

  • Bruce Nahin
    Bruce Nahin Member Posts: 3

    If I ever can help you in any phase of legal delivery , business affairs,such as script clearance reports, title reports, copyright reports, chain of title, clearances,fair use,

    don't hesitate to call 6612369721

  • Michael Huens
    Michael Huens Member Posts: 1

    Well, here we go. Happy to be here. Let's see what happens.

  • John Mares
    John Mares Member Posts: 1

    Amazing! thank you for starting this!

  • Ana Khachatourian
    Ana Khachatourian Member Posts: 2

    Great idea! Thank you starting this!

  • Thomas Vitale
    Thomas Vitale Member Posts: 1

    How do I get cast/ i am 78 have my profile in Central Casting up to date pictures and info. Nothing since june 2023. They say age does not matter. Experience in acting is not needed or necessary opr important; they'd rather have no experience. Why do I never hear from them? I attended every virtual class offered.

    GABRIEL JUAREZ Member Posts: 1

    anyone looking for PAs ?

    JARED GOMBAR Member Posts: 1

    Experienced day player props/pa actively seeking work.

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson Member Posts: 2

    Aloha, this looks to be helpful to all of us.🤙

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson Member Posts: 2

  • Andrew Badaluco
    Andrew Badaluco Member Posts: 1

    Hey everyone, looking forward to seeing how this platform pans out. Local 80 Grip here

  • Jay Anderson
    Jay Anderson Member Posts: 1

    Hey Bruce

    My name is Jay Anderson but everyone calls me “Bump”. I’m currently working on a documentary & would love to discuss copyrights, clearances & just overall of the correct process to follow to make it all come together with you. If you find some time in your schedule, I would love to chop it up with you sometime.

  • Jake Meyerson
    Jake Meyerson Member Posts: 1

    Hey everyone! My name is Jake Meyerson, and I work at Warner Bros as a Writer's PA on a drama airing on NBC this fall! Looking forward to chatting and connecting with you!

  • Lisa Rose
    Lisa Rose Member Posts: 1

    are there any photo producers on this thread?

  • Natanael Beltran
    Natanael Beltran Member Posts: 1

  • Anto Supriyanto
    Anto Supriyanto Member Posts: 2

    Hello, I hope you are well. Thank you for connecting with me. My name is Anto and I do Craft Service for features, movies, TV shows, etc. Please let me know if you ever have any openings for any upcoming projects. I can send my resume if you are interested. My contact number is 818-381-7429. Thank you and have a good one.

    This is my Resume

    Cell: 818-381-7429 ; Email: anto.crafty@yahoo.com
    Craft Services
    My team and I have 17+ years of experience serving a variety of foods guaranteed to provide sustenance to any crew. Alongside classic snacks, we also provide a variety of healthy and alternative food options as well as accommodations for any dietary restrictions. We have experience serving 100+ crew members in various settings (film, TV, commercial, and music video sets). We aim for only the best quality in practice with every job.
    . The Consultant Season 1
    . Last Week Tonight
    . Are You Sleeping
    ● Star Trek Picard Season 2
    ● Metal Lords (LA Team)
    ● Snowfall Season 4
    ● Insecure Season 5
    ● Royalties
    ● Dollface Season 1
    ● Transparent Final
    ● Are You Sleeping
    ● Insecure Season 3
    ● The Arrangement Season 2
    ● The Transparent Season 4
    ● Steve Harvey Funderdome S1
    ● Storm Fall
    ● Born 5 (2nd Unit)
    ● Heartbeat
    ● Uncle Buck Season 1
    ● Kiss and Kill
    ● The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    ● UpintheAir(LATeam)
    ● What a Love is
    ● Various commercials and music videos
    02/2021-Present 04/2021 03/2020-01/2021 02/2021 08/2019-09/2019 02/2019-06/2019 2018 06/2018-09/2018 06/2018-08/2018 11/2017
    03/2017 10/2016-11/2016 03/2016-04/2016 01/2016-02/2016 01/2016-03/2016 10/2015-12/2015 09/2014
    09/2009 02/2007-03/2007 2004-Present
    ● Melanie Elin, Line Producer- Dollface Season 1
    ● Donna Gale, UPM- Royalties
    ● Alex Leimone, UPM- Snowfall Season 4
    ● Dylan Massin, Executive Producer- Star Trek Picard Season 2

    ● Jim Kleverweis, UPM- Insecure Season 5
    ● Robin Fisichella, Executive Producer- Metal Lords and Born 5
    ● Leslie Gavin, Executive Producer- Steve Harvey Funderdome S1
    ● Dia B. Dufault, UPM- Heartbeat
    ● Scott Harris, UPM- Uncle Buck Season 1
    ● Rebecca Morley, UPM- Storm Fall
    ● George Bours, Producer- What a Love is
    ● Daniel Dubiecki, Producer- Up in the Air
    ● Jill Soloway, Executive Producer- Transparent Finale
    ● Victor Hsu and Jennifer Corey, UPM- Are You Sleeping and The Transparent Season 4
    ● Richard W. Abramitis, UPM- Insecure Season 3
    ● Michele Lankwarden, UPM- The Arrangement
    ● Valentina Bove, Producer- Kiss and Kill
    ● David Fincher, Director- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    ● Member of IATSE Local 80
    ● Certified Food Safety Manager
    ● Certified Craft Service Trailer

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales Member Posts: 1

    hi my name is Leon Michael morales

  • Francesca Mars
    Francesca Mars Member Posts: 2

    Hi Lisa,

    My name is Francesca “Fancy” Mars. I am a photo producer (ETC), and I come experience and with a recommendation letter from my mentor at B&H. How can I help you?

  • Levi  Pixton
    Levi Pixton Member Posts: 1

    Hello, My name is Levi Pixton.

    I am interested in being an On-Air personality in radio or television, but I also have experience in Broadcast Production which I graduated in at Washington State University this year.

    I have experience in acting (series and feature-length films), color commentating (football, baseball, volleyball), audio production (news), directing news broadcasts, camera work (sports, news, documentaries, etc.), utility for production crews, parab mic operator for Pac12, Machine Engineer for over a decade, office manager and dispatch for over a decade, PPE trained and much more.

    The television series that has influenced me most in my life is without a doubt True Detective season 1. I have never seen two individuals carry the performative load of a series so well, and evoke the emotion necessary to capitalize on the amazing writing, directing, editing, and overall production of a project.

    I would love to see opportunity that is diverse and plentiful, and also a community that benefits from a cohesive mentality as much as it does a competitive nature. In my long work experience, coupled with my recent higher education I know the value and need for proper teamwork and communication, which without, all other pursuits are bound to fail.

    Thank you, and I look forward to the opportunity to display my skills in this prosperous new field.

  • Francesca Mars
    Francesca Mars Member Posts: 2

    Hi New & Old Paramount Family,

    My name is Francesca “Fancy Mars. I am a native Brooklyn, New Yorker, and I am a solid team player. I can fit in any department effortlessly. I love everything about film/tv/commercials. I have been happily in front, and behind the camera as crew for 10 + years. I have now been at Paramount as a CCO, PA, AND COORDINATOR for about 3/4 years now. I am naturally creative, and I come with a lot of perks . I can budget really good, and I can figure out any solution to majority of sets problems FAST. I was also a photo/casting/creative PRODUCER/Coordinator & head model at B&H with FULL CREATIVE CONTROL for the last 8/9 years. I used to host underground music shows, so I have a lot of music plugs connections if needed. Speaking of music world I just 2nd AD French Montana video under Director Kid Art. (Epic 🎉) On the scenic side I am a mainly a Taper etc. I helped produce/coordinate Harlem Fine Art Show at Glasshouse NYC in Feb for the 2nd year, so far during Black History Month. I also enjoy sports. Football & basketball are my two favorites sports. Fashion is in my blood literally lol. I hope this does not come across as bragging I just really love everything about working in Hollywood, and I love that every day is different.

    I am looking for more consistency, so I would love to eventually evolve at Paramount into the creative space , direct, or as a producer. Until then I’m down to coordinate etc until my spot opens up. S/0 to who ever created this “Production lot”. We all needed this. My number is (347) 432-1277. My email address is BookedByFancyMars@gmail.com . ( My reference letters & full crew, or talent resume, and IMDb is available upon request) 🙃

    Happy Solar Eclipse 🌘🧿

  • Daria Chebykina
    Daria Chebykina Member Posts: 1

    Hello, my name is Daria, I am a theater and film actress in the city, Kyiv, ready for cooperation, both on a paid and volunteer basis.

  • Paul Guyer
    Paul Guyer Member Posts: 1

    Great, Great idea. Glad to be here 28 year MPSG local 80 grip. I would love some work right now.Thank you very much.Thank you for creating this website!

  • Briana moya
    Briana moya Member Posts: 1

    1. Hi! My names Briana c. Moya but also known just as Briana moya on some projects.
    2. The group I’m interested in is crew.
    3. I have a dual degree in both Costume design and fashion design. I’ve been working for almost a decade as a set costumer and assistant costume designer. I’m looking to completely change over to assisting as I would like to Design one day.
    4. I am a massive history buff so any well made period piece, uk and Europe I’m looking at you. I enjoy and would love to work on. My influences growing up were the original Indiana jones along with anything Costume designed by Colleen Atwood and Jacquilen Durran.
    5. I would love to see work in Los Angeles on the production lots! But if I could choose genera historical and period shows and more films would be a dream to work on. I am willing to travel for work and love going on location.

    looking forward to meeting some new people on here!

    My website also has some of my personal work. Www.brianacmoya.com

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