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The Production Lot is THE online community dedicated to production professionals across the entertainment industry. Here you’ll find unrivaled industry knowledge and advice, and an engaging environment to share ideas and best practices.

To accomplish these goals, it is important that everyone follows our community guidelines.

Please note that Entertainment Partners’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply within the Production Lot, in addition to the Code of Conduct.

Respect others  

To best share industry knowledge and career cooperation, please refrain from harmful comments – anything racist, sexist, sexual, ableist, ageist, homophobic, or exclusionary in anyway is prohibited. Inflammatory comments will be moderated, as well as posts that threaten or suggest violence against another contributor.  

Differing opinions are expected—in fact, we want to hear different and creative ways of thinking! However, please remember that your comments are visible to the public and should be professional. Productive suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome, but personal attacks, name-calling and similar behaviors are not welcome.  

Be professional

Always remember that this is a professional forum for making connections with others who work in production. Your words and actions should reflect how you would behave on set, the production office, or in any other work environment. You don’t need to be formal, but please keep all your communications respectful and professional.

Be thoughtful and stay on topic

Just as being topical is important to holding a conversation in person, it is important to stay on track while participating in or creating discussions on the Production Lot. State your questions clearly, respond or comment on other discussions in a constructive and meaningful way.

Spamming (links, referrals, advertisements, etc.) is not allowed.

Please try to keep discussions industry related, and post discussions in the appropriate group so that the Production Lot remains dedicated to production professionals and our work in the entertainment industry.

Look out for yourself, and others

Last, please avoid revealing private or confidential information. Even if you are responding to someone else’s comment, it is visible to others.   

If you see something suspicious, please report it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope with these guidelines, we will be able to create an exciting and productive community.


  • Natalie Nelson
    Natalie Nelson Administrator Posts: 80

    Let's make this a fun place to connect! 😀

    TODD MARTINEZ Member Posts: 1

    thanks for the new heads up & woul love to see on the production reports what is comin to film upcoming projects scheduled for Louisiana & Texas , & Arkansas?

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