EP Production Accounting Resume Service

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For decades Entertainment Partners has supported the Production Accounting community by actively connecting qualified Production Accounting Staff with opportunities in current or upcoming productions. Let us help you secure your next position or staff up for your next production.

If you’re looking to jump on your next project send your updated resume and travel preferences to EPResumes@ep.com.

If you are hiring for an existing or upcoming project, please provide the below information to: EPResumes@ep.com.

Requestor First/Last Name



Phone Number

Production Title

Production Type (TV or Feature)

Budget Range

Production Accounting Roles Needed to Fill

Shoot Location

Estimated Start Date

Estimated End Date

Note: Production maintains sole control over hiring process, including resume reviews, interviews, vetting and selection decisions. Entertainment Partners' involvement is confined to circulation of submitted resumes to inquiring productions that appear consistent with threshold specifications identified by the productions.


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