Dear Hollywood....

Joseph Chianese
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Dear Hollywood,

Invest in midsize and small-size movies again. A $200M film is just as risky (if not more) as a $10M film. With a midsize (or small size) film, you spread the risk, and have a better chance for profitability. Instead of one $200M film, you can make twenty $10M films…and more opportunities for original & unique storytelling, which is better overall for the bottom line….

Millennials and Gen-Z want Original Movies and TV, not Remakes. A new streaming insights survey conducted by free-streaming platform Tubi found that 74 percent of millennials and Gen Zers prefer to watch original content rather than franchises or remakes, and 71 percent also want content produced by “independent and small-time creators”

When “Barbie,” “Oppenheimer,” and even “Sound of Freedom” were cleaning up at the box office last summer, it was clear the types of movies young audiences will go out to a theater to see. While the latest Marvel, Indiana Jones, Transformers, Jurassic World, and more all underwhelmed, while “Super Mario Bros.,” “Five Nights at Freddy’s” — even when a fresh start on previous IP — even “Poor Things” outperformed expectations.

This is impacting television as well….

What Is Indie TV? Self Financing!!

With the decline of Peak TV (for nearly a decade, Hollywood was producing and distributing more television than ever before, thanks to the exponential growth of the streaming economy...however the trend began to slow around 2020, with studios warier of the niche fare they previously bought up with ease)…companies like Duplass Brothers Productions are presenting — and hoping to sell — at SXSW — a showcase of pilots from four series that the company financed itself.


  • Daphne Matthews (Producer)

    As a Producer and someone who is currently talking with several investors, I have explained in my own situation to them. I have one of the greatest stories out there and the numbers as far as their backend money was there before that budget was even put together and now even more so. However because of the dragging of the feet on several issues as far as worldwide topics is something I do not have time for when people want this film made. With this said I will jump to my point, I have a big family Kids ages 30-16 and kids I have raised also and grandbabies. What I do is if I want to know if something is going to peak their interest rather it be Film, Television, Music, Animation and so on I pull them to the side maybe show them a picture, play the song or ask a question without going into the project detail but still in association to see if it would peak that demographic's interest. I also do it to their friends. If they do not like it, I move on. I call it my own little focus group and it works. Believe me it works. How would anyone make any money if they can not catch their demographic. The Younger Generation is not the only one who are tired of the reboots. There are so many cast and crew members I have spoke with including myself, and my friends. People want new. They want truth or stories with meaning and that is not what is happening anymore and nothing personal as far as the Marvel movies and those other movies like them, but the kids who watch them turn into the video game junkies and that is all they care about and let's be honest folks (Nothing toward games), but it is destroying their mind and dumbing down the whole youth. The Industry needs to be changed not only as far as Film. It needs to go further. I have 8 kids and 6 grandbabies. Hard to argue with that.I believe we can be better.

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