Disturbing the Comfort Zone 🥊

Zach Duthie
Zach Duthie Member, Administrator Posts: 49
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Day 2 of Zach trying to be motivating ✅

I truly agree with this quote.

Earlier this year I chaired my first talk in front of 300+ people on short notice. I had never done anything on this magnitude and it was a bit scary when I was told I had to be “mic’d up”. However I knew the amount of good it would do for me and my confidence so I decided to do it.

Now I look at every situation like I was able to get through that so I can definitely do this.

Just from that one act of disturbance to my comfort zone I have now developed into a much more confident person for the rest of my life.

Whilst initially it was hard and daunting (I’m not gonna lie the legs were shaking) I thought about the bigger picture and went full steam ahead.


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