Sites for Promote Catering and craft services ?

Marcos Toribio
Marcos Toribio Member Posts: 3

Hello everyone

My name is Marcos Toribio I'm a Chef and I want to know if anybody knows where can I find catering or Craft services Jobs.



  • Nathan Holsey
    Nathan Holsey Member Posts: 2

    Right HERE Marcos. Since you have registered on this sight people will be able to find you.

    Also: I have a tip for you Marcos. There is a program called: STREETLIGHTS PRODUCTION TRAING PROGRAM or you could look up

    This is a Production Assistant Training Program. The idea is for you to apply to Streetlights with passion.

    1. Because you want to work in production.
    2. You already know what you want to do and have that skill set.
    3. Streetlights is a free program.
    4. This program will teach you the hierarchy of production, and train you to be the best you can be, while teaching you production dialog. You learn how to handle yourself on set and cater to production management.
    5. Streetlights will get you work for the first 3 months after graduating from the one month-ish program.
    6. Five to six days a week for one month you will be in a class or directly in the action of production taking in the trade.
    7. Production professionals will like you and ask what is it that you want to do while you are working, and watch the magic happen. there is a Craft Service Union too. This program will give all the insights.
    8. It's a Production Assistant Program. Starting from the bottom, but one of the most important jobs in all of production. The P.A. position is where people watch you and help you figure out what it is that you want to do.

    Marcos, I graduated from STREETLIGHTS in 2001. it works. I didn't really know what I wanted to do, but you have a focus and a major skill. Maybe you already have actual tools or a catering truck, etc. With STREETLIGHTS you'll be respected as the best in the game. this is a great step to really dig your feet in the game. STREETLIGHTS gave me a fresh start, and I am still going.

    Best regards,

    Nathan Holsey

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