New Mexico Crew


Trying this out. Would be cool to have a place to talk and make connections with other New Mexican crew.


  • Stephen Lacombe
    Stephen Lacombe Member Posts: 8

    I've heard Albuquerque is quite the hot spot right now

  • Samuel Poarch
    Samuel Poarch Member Posts: 2

    Hi, Nico and Stephen!

    I am an accountant in ABQ and have worked on a couple of productions: the defunct Netflix movie Masters of the Universe; and the Nickelodeon series A Really Loud House (1st season).

    Also, looking for work ASAP. Last year's strikes really put the kibosh on working on anything, but I am raring to go this year.

    Stephen, Albuquerque is THE happening place right now 😎!

  • Courtney Miller
    Courtney Miller Member Posts: 1

    Hello All!

    Assistant Production Coordinator here in NM! Things are very steady out here and we need more crew!

  • Catherine Godshall
    Catherine Godshall Member Posts: 1

    Need more crew? If you guys are hiring any painters, I am available out of Savannah, ga. I know others as well that need work.

  • CJ Campos
    CJ Campos Member Posts: 1

    Hi New Mexico Team, my name is Cj Campos, I’m an Art PA in Las Cruces, always willing to travel. I currently have 2+ years experience as a PA and about a year experience in Art Department. I’m highly interested in Set Dressing as well as being an Assist in Props. I’m open to any position in Art. PA positions as well if the opportunity is right for me. This is my passion and am always seeking opportunity. Thanks and have a great day.

  • Chris T. Anthony
    Chris T. Anthony Member Posts: 1

    Hello Nico,

    I am an experienced DP and all around filmmaker. I live close to ABQ and have a great deal of interest in connecting and collaborating on projects of any size and budget. Hit me up to chat about anything at all.

    Chris T. Anthony

  • Angela Kent
    Angela Kent Member Posts: 1

    Hi Samuel, I am a 2nd Assistant looking for work in the Santa Fe or Albuquerque area. I have attached my resume if you should hear of any 2nd Assistant positions coming up. Thank you, Angela

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