NYC! Let's Network


I know a lot of us are struggling to find our next gig in the city so let's network here!



  • Stephen Lacombe
    Stephen Lacombe Member Posts: 8

    Hi! I'm Stephen. I've worked in the production office on a myriad of film & tv shows here in the city as a production secretary and producer's assistant. I'm on the lookout for my next role and would love to chat with literally anyone. I'm bored! lol

  • Megan Skehan
    Megan Skehan Member Posts: 2

    Hi! I'm Megan and I'm an Associate Booking Producer with 4+ years of experience. I've worked mainly in Talk Shows with NBC Universal in Stamford, but looking to spread my wings and learn! Open to new and exciting projects, especially in the pop culture/ lifestyle/ Human Interest space. I'm a NYC native looking to chat and network with likeminded creatives!

  • Christopher McKee
    Christopher McKee Member Posts: 2

    Hello hello! I'm Chris. I'm an editor in NYC with 12+ years of experience in everything from fashion/beauty advertising to digital series for major studios like MTV, Comedy Central, CMT and Paramount. I edited my first feature film last year - Summer Solstice. It's being distributed this summer through Cartilage Films and will be playing in NYC and LA!

    I know it's been sooo slow for everyone this winter- it feels like every studio and production house is slimming down and cutting costs. I would love to know what everyone is thinking about this industry right now- what we're all doing to find work, what we think the future might hold, how we think things are changing, etc.
    Sometimes it feels like we're all in our little bubbles and it's hard to understand what's going on around us, and this seems like a good place for us all to come together and hear new perspectives!

  • Chris Waggy
    Chris Waggy Member Posts: 1

    Hey, I'm Chris and also an editor. I've been editing for about 6 years now, but have struggled to even break into the industry. So I've been focusing on motion graphics and animation to widen the scope of my skillset. But even freelance work outside of Film/TV has become scarce, making me reconsider my career choice. Would like to know if the feast or famine instability is common and expected, or if it gets easier as things progress?

  • Anne Sergi
    Anne Sergi Member Posts: 1

    Hi All! I'm Anne and a Local 161 PC and PM in NYC with the ability to work as an LA, Austin, San Antonio, Las Vegas and Atlanta local.

  • Henry Craddock
    Henry Craddock Member Posts: 2

    Hi everyone! My name is Henry Craddock. I recently moved to Brooklyn in hopes of kickstarting my career in film and video. I am looking for opportunities to work on set as a PA or camera operator or in whatever capacity is needed. I also have a deep passion for editing and would love to gain some professional experience in post-production as well.

    Seems like I am trying to break in at the wrong time after reading how slow it's been for everyone (then again, is there ever a "right" time?). I have had trouble finding opportunities, but maybe we can use this website to foster that growth.

  • Michael Barett Watts
    Michael Barett Watts Member Posts: 2

    Hey there folks! Brooklyn based production worker here with three years under my belt as a Set PA. Looking to do more G&E and Camera work in the future. If you're a DP or a Gaffer looking to add someone reliable and passionate to their roster, I'd love to connect and help out on any upcoming shoots! Of course work is slow right now we all know this so I'm of course also available as a PA to any Coordinators or AD's who are looking for an experienced set PA :)

    I know things are tough out here right now. But, as long as we stick together and lift eachother up, I believe we'll make it through these tough times!

    [See Resume's and CV's below (The one just titled "RESUME" has my camera dept credits on it)]

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