Becoming an Extra

Ravenna Taylor
Ravenna Taylor Member Posts: 2

Where would one look for opportunities to be an extra in the Philadelphia area?


  • David Hazan
    David Hazan Member Posts: 2

    You could always try to find BG work through Backstage. I'm not too familiar with what productions or castings are going on in the Philadelphia area, but that and maybe Casting Networks could be good resources.

    Hope this helps.

  • Annabel Rosario
    Annabel Rosario Member Posts: 1

    There are several avenues in becoming an extra. Casting networks is great like David said! There’s also Actors Access, a state film alliance, and separate extra casting agencies that you should look up. I’m in Virginia so I know the VPA (Virginia production alliance) has a casting board. Look for what is local to you! Also, every time you’re on set, network and ask everyone where they found the jobs! Good luck!

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