Editors & Post Production folks - where are we now and where do we think the industry is headed?

Christopher McKee
Christopher McKee Member Posts: 2

Hello! I'm an editor in NYC with 12 years of experience cutting everything from narrative film, to digital series for major networks, to fashion/beauty adverts.

As we all know, things are slow- like really, really slow. I personally haven't worked since January. I know of multiple editors that haven't worked since last August.

I want to choose my words carefully, because I certainly don't want to promote any kind of fear-based hysteria about the state of our industry, but I do want to start a discussion with folks in our industry where we can help each other gain a little perspective about what is happening right now in a sort-of zoomed out, industry-wide way.

To start, here are some of the questions I've had recently:

-Are we just experiencing a hangover from the writer/actor's strikes and covid? If so, what does this mean for the near future?

-How are social media platforms like tiktok affecting the amount of money studios are spending making online content?

-How has the emergence of AI affected the post production world already? How do we think it will affect post production jobs in the future?

-Has the media production bubble burst? (I realize this is a leading question, so if anyone has an alternative take on this, please feel free to share it!)

Please feel free to critique my questions or to ask your own!

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