Good Afternoon from Colorado

Carrie Gomez
Carrie Gomez Member Posts: 1

Hi all, I hope you are all good and staying busy. I know that last year was a rough one. I wanted to introduce myself. I am a Production Manager/Coordinator/1st and 2nd AD from Colorado. I have worked on everything from scripted to non-scripted, to commercials and much more. I am always willing to travel. If you all need a script breakdown, schedule, please let me know.

I am really hoping to get back in the production field as I think its starting to pick up. If you need any help with anything, please let me know. I can send you my resume, LinkedIn and IMDb page.

Have a great day and keep living the dream!


  • Aila Holley
    Aila Holley Member Posts: 1

    Where in Colorado are you? I live in Granby.

  • Craig Weiseman
    Craig Weiseman Member Posts: 1

    Hi Carrie.

    Big Ups to CO!!! I'm based in Denver (a new transplant from NY). I'm an editor with 15+ years of experience and I'm new to EP's Production Lot. I was just scrolling through and saw your post and was hyped to see the CO call out…. We need more productions here STAT.

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