Opportunity for Latine writers! Deadline July 1

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Are you a Latine writer? Do you have a script for a feature, pilot, or a play? Does your
script feature a Latine or Latin American character in a prominent role? Then, you are eligible to submit your script for consideration for the 2024 #LatineList!

In partnership with The Black List and Latin Tracking Board, the Latine List highlights the best Latine storytelling in film, television, and theater.

Submitting writers should be Latin/e/a/o/@/x and currently residing in the US - any other country of origin or other status is fine. All submitted scripts must have at least one Latine character in a prominent, lead role. Scripts can be bilingual as long as they are written primarily in English, and writing teams are eligible to submit as long as one member
of the writing team identifies as Latine.

Submissions close July 1st, 2024. Learn more:

#LatinoWriters #LatinxWriters #LatinxList

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