Atlanta LED Volume Wall Studio with Shared Space Questions


Hello, my name is Nick and I am the Managing Director for 24 ATL Studios. We are an LED Volume Wall studio here in Atlanta and we are working on rolling out a shared space environment with our 17 offices. We want to attract like minded individuals that can work together with varying levels of access to our studio. Our goal is to offer different plans/packages based on needs and I am hoping to get some ideas/feedback from others with experience in this space or potential interested production companies and/or individuals that could use our space and help guide any unexpected needs.

To give you a little more info about who we are at 24 ATL Studios, allow me to introduce you to the crown jewel of our studio: our breathtaking LED Volume Wall. Spanning approximately 30ft by 14ft with a 3.0 pixel pitch, this stunning display delivers unparalleled clarity and realism, elevating your productions to new heights of visual excellence. Whether you're crafting immersive environments, dynamic backdrops, or jaw-dropping visual effects, our LED Volume Wall provides the perfect canvas with general plate use and of course Unreal Engine technology. Additionally, we offer two car process LED rollers, each approximately 9ft by 10ft, providing seamless integration of vehicles into your productions with unmatched versatility.

Beyond our LED Wall we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in Video Playback with our team of highly skilled Video Playback Technicians led by industry veteran Terry Fitzpatrick, we offer unmatched expertise in 24 Frame Playback, LED Volume Playback, Unreal Engine environments and more. In addition to our talented team, we boast an extensive inventory of 24-Frame Ready vintage "period piece" and modern televisions, monitors, gaming systems, arcade machines, and more. You can explore our full range of offerings at

We appreciate any sort of feedback and thoughts and if you have any inquiries about our space, our inventory or our video play back techs you can reach me directly at

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