Hey TV Writers: There’s still time to take TTIE’s annual employment survey (Deadline 5/23!)

Natalie Nelson
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The Think Tank for Inclusion & Equity’s (TTIE) annual survey for TV writers closes on  Thursday, May 23rd at 11:59 PM PDT. You can access the survey at writeinclusion.org.

The confidential data you contribute helps TTIE create measurable, actionable change throughout the TV pipeline. And if you’ve taken the survey in prior years,  your participation is still vital because our data is comparative year-to-year and helps us identify trends and track progress.

Take the survey here – it should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Past survey results have helped writers get better deals, given agents ammunition to hold strong during negotiations for fair pay and treatment, and identified actions for companies to improve work environments!

Please note the survey is live until May 20th, 2024 - 11:59 PM PDT. We recommend taking the survey in one sitting since answers will not be saved if you close your window before completing it. Please do not use the “back button” on your computer as this may interfere with your data capture. We also recommend taking the survey on your computer rather than your phone.

Thank you for your participation!


  • frida kd
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    shall we have a sample of our work(Writing) to attend in?

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