Copyright in the AI era

Corey Sienega
Corey Sienega Member Posts: 46

Photographer #JingnaZhang won her copyright lawsuit against painter Jeff Dieschburg who used her photograph as the "inspiration" for his painting without permission, credit, or compensation because it had been published in another medium and existed on the internet. Luxembourg courts finally ruled in her favor after a long battle.

For the lawyers in the room, could this case have implications for generative AI practices of using existing imagery for generating "original" images/visuals?


  • Bob Conder
    Bob Conder Member Posts: 1

    In a world where everything is available all the time, and everyone believes their breath gives them the talent to do anything, one becomes lazy and does not pursue the education or knowledge to be better. AI has given some the excuse to copy and say, "I created this."

    It is always the personal struggle for inspiration that gives one experience, builds tenacity, the personal, and sometimes financial rewards, that make us better.

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