3 Easy Ways to Make Connections on Production Lot

Natalie Nelson
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Looking to grow your network and make personal connections with other production pros? You've landed in the right spot!  

Here are three simple strategies to help you connect with other members of the community and start fostering meaningful relationships.  

1. Send a private message 

Is there a fellow community member you want to reach out to? Slide into their DMs with a private message. Here's how: 

Whenever you spot someone interesting in a post or comment, simply click on their name. You'll see two options: View Profile or Message.

Opt for Message, and you'll be able to reach out directly through Production Lot's in-app mail feature. Your message will land in their inbox, and they’ll get a notification.  

2. Leave a comment on their profile 

Instead of a direct message, you can also leave a friendly comment on their profile. Here's what to do: 

Click View Profile to visit their profile page. Once there, scroll down to the activity section of the page and drop a comment.

Whether it's a compliment, a question, or a simple hello, it’s an easy way to spark a connection. Next time they log in, they’ll see a notification! 

3. Jump into a discussion – with a direct reply 

Find an interesting discussion with multiple replies? No problem. Here's a handy tip for connecting with the right person: 

Instead of getting lost in a sea of comments, reply directly to the person you want to engage with! Simply click the reply icon under their comment, and your response will be delivered straight to them with a notification.

This is a great way to show you're actively participating in the discussion, and better yet, interested in what they have to say! 

There you have it – three simple ways to reach out and start making connections on Production Lot. Whether you're new to networking or a seasoned pro, these steps will help you break the ice and cultivate meaningful relationships within the community. Happy connecting! 

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