The Future of Streaming... The Shape of the Industry

Corey Sienega
Corey Sienega Member Posts: 59
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Fascinating article from the NYT, interviewing media titans Brian Roberts, John Malone and Barry Diller— but the truth seems to be they don't have it figured out yet either. Think they have the answers?

Here is a breakdown from Evan Shapiro, Media Cartographer and a great follow on LinkedIn for insights and conversations about the industry:

"What's fascinating is how long its taken the moguls to realize things that've been obvious to others for some time:

- 200 million global subs is the low water mark to compete in streaming now.

- Very expensive Sports are now the price of entry.

- Ads matter. (Seriously, uh-duh‽)

- "The once-unthinkable possibility: there will be only three or four streaming survivors." Netflix and Amazon are two.

Between earnings calls and these pretty revealing interviews, we are seeing inside the mindset of those driving Media.

However, with few exceptions, it seems they are chasing events rather than steering them."


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