Australian, UK and France Update

Joseph Chianese
Joseph Chianese Member Posts: 116

ENCOURAGING NEWS FROM DOWN the Australian screen industry is celebrating after the country’s Location Offset scheme was raised to 30% (PROVIDING CERTAINTY FOR INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS!!)

The legislation, which was announced in May, was made law today and officially came into effect on July 1. It raises the rebate for TV and film productions shooting in the country from the previous 16.5% to 30% and will likely trigger more overseas investment.

WITH LESS ENCOURAGING NEWS FROM the rise of Far-Right Populism in France threatens culture across Europe, with hopes (with elections happening today) and the U.K. POTENTIALLY SETTING AN OPPOSITE COURSE (bringing a political calm after years of turbulent Conservative rule that has leant further to the right). While in France, the far-right could come into power for the first time since the pro-Nazi Vichy Regime during World War II.

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