Guidelines for Posting Your Resume

Natalie Nelson
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Are you open to work or actively looking for a new job? Posting your resume to your member profile can increase the chances of a hiring manager finding you. Here are some FAQs about attaching your resume to your profile.

How do I add my resume to my profile?

On your profile landing page, scroll down to the Activity section and click the paperclip icon. From there you can upload a PDF of your resume.

Be sure to attach a high-quality copy with all of your relevant work history and skills that will increase your chances of getting hired.

Is my personal information safe to post on the Production Lot?

Once your resume is posted to your profile, it will be visible to other members of the community. For this reason, you should remove any personal information, like your address, phone number and email. Only share these details with potential employers you respond to or apply with.

Do I really need to attach a resume if I've completed my profile?

While your profile may include some of the same information you have on your resume, it's still helpful to have a high-quality resume document with detailed work history that you can send to a potential employer or anyone you wish to network with. You never know what connections may lead to your next job!


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