Watch: Tax Considerations for US Productions Working Abroad

Natalie Nelson
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Paying US crew filming outside of the US is complex. Our experts will show you how to navigate the process!

Payroll tax compliance across multiple jurisdictions can get complicated, and fast! If your production is filming outside of the US, or your accounting team is paying US-based talent or crew, this webinar is for you.

In this Master Series, Becky Harshberger, VP and Payroll Tax Practice Leader, and her guests, discuss important compliance factors, including:

  • How to get US citizens and foreign citizens (talent and crew) paid
  • Tax Treaties
  • Certificates of Coverage
  • What to know about US Loan-outs working abroad
  • What to know about setting up payroll in the UK, EU and Australia

Guest Speakers:

  • Kristy Carty, VP, Payroll, Entertainment Partners
  • Chanchal Panwar, Partner, Production Accounting, FLB Accountants

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