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The Production Lot is THE place to make connections with others in production and advancing your career–whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, make a new friend, find a mentor, or find your next career opportunity.

Utilizing the tools available on the Production Lot can help you get ahead. Here’s how: 

Build your network through groups and mentorship 

If you’re  a student or new to the industry, the Production Lot is a great place to gather information, ask questions, or hear from others in the industry in a unique way.  

Check out the dedicated group pages or join the mentorship program and find your people! This is your chance to ask questions to learn more about your field, or, if you’re interested in branching out into a new role or new department altogether, make connections with people who can help you make the jump! Comment on a post, start a new discussion, or send someone a message. 

Are you established in your role, or further along in your career? Use the Production Lot to meet new people and connect with others in the field! Get peer-to-peer advice, network with people from across the globe, or share your knowledge to help someone else solve a problem.  

If you’re an industry expert, your participation is a great way to give back to the community and invest in the next generation. What do you wish you go back and tell your younger self? What mistakes could you have avoided? What advice do you want to share? The Production Lot is a place to give back—and a way to ensure that your future employees or coworkers are knowledgeable.  

Expand your knowledge learn new skills 

On the Production Lot, you not only have access to experts in the industry, the latest news and trends, and tools to help you develop your skills. You also have access to the EP Academy, where you can take self-guided courses to get certified in industry-leading tools and technology, or learn about a new career path

Post your resume and let others know you’re open to work 

Now that you’re a member of the Production Lot, you can promote yourself and your skills by building out your member profile. Add a link to your IMDB, tell us about your special skills or certifications, and let people know that you’re open to new career opportunities!  

Check the ‘open to work’ box on your profile so hiring managers know they can reach out to you. And post a PDF of your resume so they can see all the skills and experience you have to offer.  

Looking for more tips? Check out the new member quick start guide.


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