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Your quick guide to navigating through the Production Lot.  


The Production Lot groups are a key way to get the most out of the community. Because the Production Lot represents a wide variety of careers and career paths within production, we’ve created these designated spaces to help you find what you're looking for, and what may be most relevant to you! These include:

Each of those groups are accessible through the links in this guide and in the upper navigation bar.

You can stay up to date with the groups you’re interested in by following the topic. To do this, click on the category and select the Follow option. 

If more than one group interests you, follow as many as you’d like. For example, if you are a student interested in production accounting or producing in the future, you can follow the student pages and other group pages that reflect your career goals. 

Group Notifications 

Interested in receive notifications from your groups? Here’s how: 

  1. Click on your profile icon  
  2. Click on your username to visit your profile  
  3. Click Edit Profile 

4. Click Notification Preferences

5. Scroll down to the Groups section and click the “Email” or “Bell” checkbox. Then, click Save General Preferences

No matter how busy you are, you never have to miss anything from the Production Lot! 

Search Bar 

Anything you may need will be accessible through the search bar featured at the top of the site. Type in your question or keywords, and we’ll show everything that matches. 

Tip: It’s important to accurately label your posts and questions so that they’ll be included in results from the search bar. Strong descriptions will help others find your posts!

Production Lot Home 

Anytime you need to return to the homepage, simply click Production Lot Home at the top of the page. 

Quick Links 

The Quick Links section allows you to easily move through the community site. This section will be accessible on every page of the Production Lot. You’ll be able to find content specific to you, such as bookmarks, discussions and drafts as well as recent activity. 

Recent Discussions 

Clicking Recent Discussions will take you to the recent discussions feed in the community, aggregating all discussions from across all groups.


If you're interested in a particular discussion and want to follow its activity easily, you can bookmark it by clicking the Bookmark icon at the topic of the discussion. 

You can view your bookmarked discussions through My Bookmarks under Quick Links. 

Clicking Drafts will take you to all posts you've started but not yet published.

Unanswered will show you the questions you've posted that have yet receive replies.

Now you’re ready to navigate the Production Lot! Continue reading our Welcome – Get Started guides or Introduce Yourself to the community. 

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