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Natalie Nelson
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 Welcome to the Production Lot, EP's online community for production professionals!  

It's time to join the conversation and introduce yourself to the community! This is a great way to get to know your fellow community members and let them know all about you.

To get you started, tell us a bit about yourself by answering the prompts below (and feel free to add anything else important.) 

  1. First things first, tell us your name.
  2. What groups are you interested in (students, producers, crew or production accounting)? 
  3. What’s your position (or one you aspire to have)? 
  4. What film or television series has influenced you, either in your career or personal life? 
  5. What do you want to see in the Production Lot? 


We’re excited to meet you all and support your careers and productions through the Production Lot.



  • Gary King
    Gary King Member Posts: 20
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    1. My name is Gary King
    2. I'm mostly interested Producers, but would love to stay in the loop of crew updates as well.
    3. I'm an aspiring indie film producer.
    4. Jurassic Park blew me away in theaters as a kid with its command of on-screen action and spectacle, Raging Bull stunned me as an adult with its uncompromising ferocity and look at the uglier side of humanity.
    5. Looking for insights on film financing, industry events, tips of the trade.

  • Whitney Lewis
    Whitney Lewis Member Posts: 1

    1. Hi, My name is Whitney Browning Lewis
    2. I am interested in groups where productions are crewing up in hopes to get more work.  
    3. I am a Louisiana certified teacher working as a Louisiana Studio Teacher/Set Teacher/Welfare Worker.
    4. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work on many productions in and around Louisiana as well as traveling with tours/productions. My favorite work experience overall would have to be touring with Imagine Dragons and teaching the children on the tour. It was incredible to be in so many major cities while teaching the children in them and moving around them! I would say that The Secrets of Sulphur Springs was one of my favorite productions where the crew and cast members did wonderful job making me feel very welcome, loved, and at home! I truly love what I do and am often inspired by the creativeness and capability of my students as we work with one another and learn from one another.
    5. I am hoping to make more connections and get more work from meeting those that may be looking for my very niche and particular skill set for work.

  • Massimo Zeri
    Massimo Zeri Member Posts: 1

    Ciao! My name is Massimo Zeri. Cinematographer since 1992. Broad based experience. Based in Los Angeles. International locations. Fluent in Italian. Looking forward to meeting and exploring new possibilities of collaboration in the Motion Picture and TV Industries.

  • Farid Bedwany
    Farid Bedwany Member Posts: 1

    1- Hello, my name is Farid Bedwany

    2- I am interested in joining production crews as a Trainee Production coordinator, Assistant Editor, or Trainee AD, I also do Locations Scouting.

    3- I am an aspiring director, hoping to become a successful director/producer one day.

    4- I am influenced by movies very much so. To name a few of my favourites The Matrix, Love Actually, and anything Spielberg.

    5- I am hoping to make connections and join productions small or major through the production lot.

  • Armani Darling
    Armani Darling Member Posts: 1
    1. My name is Armani Darling.
    2. I am interested in production. Any Trainee Opportunities and Director to get more skills.
    3. I will be a successful screenwriter. (I believe in speaking it into existence). As I have several projects Im looking to start the production phase.
    4. I take inspiration from anything. All I have to do is see something and the creativity take over. I love starting with a idea or few words and watch it blossom into something beautiful.
    5. I am looking for opportunities to grow my network. Honestly, just meet all around good people. If that can happen with any of us, I'm sure great things will follow.

  • Michael McCready
    Michael McCready Member Posts: 1

    My name is Michael McCready.

    I am an actor (full ACTRA member) & background performer.

    I began my career over 30 years ago as an extra which has now evolved to a background performer who is getting actor roles. I love playing characters with heavy prosthetics and makeup. I played nude camper# 13 in Pretty Hard Cases - so I am very comfortable with nudity.

    I love unusual roles and constantly love to challenge my comfort zone.

    Here is the link to my IMDB page:

  • Bruce Nahin
    Bruce Nahin Member Posts: 3

    Imbruce Nahin a producer and legal delivery expert

    If I ever can help you in any phase of legal delivery , business affairs,such as script clearance reports, title reports, copyright reports, chain of title, clearances,fair use,

    don't hesitate to call 6612369721

  • John Flynn
    John Flynn Member Posts: 1

    1. Hi, my name is John N. Flynn.
    2. I'm interested in producers and production related topics. 
    3. My current position is as producer for a feature film or limited series, still to be determined…. 
    4. The film that has influenced me is RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and the television series is PEAKY BLINDERS. 
    5. I want to see all the latest innovations taking place in the Production Lot!! Thank you!!!

  • Demetres Roshan Walker

    Hello Thank you for the Invite

    My name is Demetres Walker I have been breaking into the industry approximately 24 years. I have worked over 900 projects in my days . I am currently working on several Potential Indie projects and thought I would drop in and see what Production Lot is all about . Any heads up or ideas or collaborations are welcomed .
    Thank you

  • William Garcia
    William Garcia Member Posts: 2

    1. Greetings! I'm William Garcia, a Producer and Line Producer residing in Los Angeles, CA.
    2. My passion lies in delving into the financial and business aspects of the entertainment realm.
    3. As the CEO of Playworld Pictures, a company specializing in feature film and television production, my expertise primarily revolves around the business facets of production. This encompasses roles such as Line Producer, UPM, Business Affairs, and Consulting.
    4. One of the most memorable projects for me has been the original Star Wars. Quite the adventure, I must say!
    5. I'm seeking opportunities to expand my network within the industry.

  • Christina Stark
    Christina Stark Member Posts: 1

    Aloha! Ok not from Hawaii but I used to love it there.

    1. My name is Christina.
    2. Since my interests are wide, I am quite a polymath but I know that is apparently super bad. I am constantly learning and growing and dont consider myself an expert. But I am quite an expert of problem solving. I joined all the groups because I am a firm believer that wearing many hats makes better collaborators and helps the team work more cohesively. If we all had a genuine respect and understanding for all roles involved or at least get a taste of it, I think in the end it just makes you better people.
    3. My position or what I aspire to be? I love comedy, I love animals (was even a wildlife biologist tech working with endangered species), I love cameras, I love shooting, I love art, I love writing, l love some aspects of computers and many things tech (even some coding and IT), and oddly enough I am also great with numbers and math. When I was just a kid I wanted to be "an Accountant" when I grew up, although I was drawing and writing for many, many years. Truth is, I still don't know what I want to be. I have always had passion and enthusiasm for entertainment. I had always wanted to get into Cinematography and became a background actress 25 years ago on set just to see what it was like in action, since there was no way in as a woman, I noticed. I have worked on set as an actress for a few years, got grandfathered into SAG-AFTRA, interned at MTV and was a PA for the movie awards, took a long break working in Graphic Design (key art was always an interest but never got there), photo labs, photography, etc. then came back to LA and worked at Panasonic in QC for Blu-ray, then back home then back to LA in 2018, volunteered at a comedy festival as a video editor, then performed my first stand-up comedy set; I was back to set where I had an accident at the same time I went back to school, studied Business and Management of Entertainment at UCLA, then graduated in the middle of you know what. It has been a STRUGGLE getting anywhere. I did a lot of networking, I had a lot of opportunities and a couple of offers that just - POOF - disappeared. I got certified in Production Accounting thru EP, but without hands-on experience, certificates don't make me an expert. I am rarely on set now, plotting my next step. Set Photography sounds fun, but it is all hard to get into. I love writing but the rent has to be paid. Editing and Color Grading are also interests of mine and so is VP and learning all the VFX stuff - but I have to be smart about my goals now, with AI able to snatch certain jobs away. So what to do? I've said too much.
    4. I love a LOT of films and some older TV shows before the industry became so inhibited and political. My fav shows/films didnt exactly impact my life but I am inspired by creativity in general - whether it is the writing, the story, the acting, the choreography or the camera work. I love me some rom-coms - a lot of Judd Appatow films. A few I love: Forgetting Sara Marshall, Bridesmaids, La La Land, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, The Great Gatsby (with Leonardo D.), He's Just Not That Into You, The Proposal (almost anything Ryan Reynolds is in) and so much more!!!
    5. I don't know what to expect from the Production Lot other than I hope to connect with like-minded good people, find mentors, perhaps find some collaborating artists, or find learning opportunities (ideally thru hands-on work) and just learn and grow :)

  • Tommy Ward Jr
    Tommy Ward Jr Member Posts: 1

    My name is Tommy Lee ward jr. I am Interested in all groups available providing knowledge in film. Currently , behind the scenes, I am a freelancing set production assistant and aspiring talent in multiple departments from camera assistant, lighting, and wardrobe assistant(sewist). On set, I'm an actor and stand-in for various people. I started with EP in 2015 as a background actor watching every member of each production I worked with and networking into additional production assistant gigs from music videos, on to student films and into major television day player spots. Seeing the many careers around me is the biggest influence on me. In Each department I visit I learn something new . The possibilities that each day on set can bring us working as students in film doesn't come with a road map. Being in the moment takes me further than I planned I could go as a younger theatre student in high school and college. I want to continue networking and thankful for my journey with EP and Thank each of you for building the Production Lot . Hope to see you out there.

  • Atul Sharma
    Atul Sharma Member Posts: 1

    Hi I am Atul Sharma from London UK. We set up Showman’s Studios London Film Production House to deal with UK International projects. We have entire team to acquire and deliver projects from pre to post production. Hope to hear from fellow entertainment partners soon

  • Mara Junot
    Mara Junot Member Posts: 1
    1. Hi there, my name is Mara Junot, a full-time voiceover actor based in Los Angeles. 😊
    2. I'm interested in groups pertaining to production and crew. 
    3. I do voice acting in all forms of media (excluding audiobooks), specializing in animation, video games, anime, promo & trailer and ADR soundalike work.
    4. 80s comedies and Spielberg & Cameron films were some of my biggest influences.
    5. I'm looking forward to connecting with other creatives in production and hoping to being able to contribute a little knowledge when needed along the way. :)

  • Jack N. Teague
    Jack N. Teague Member Posts: 1

    Hello Everyone, glad to be on this site. I'm a fulltime screenwriter and SAGe actor, focused on writing since COVID came along. Below is a link to a recent profile article about what's going on with me. Flip to panels 40-44 if you're interested.

    Always interested in what's going on in the biz. If anyone is interested in learning more specifics about my projects, please reach out.



  • John Doherty
    John Doherty Member Posts: 1

    Hi Everyone.

    My name is John Doherty. I work as a Fire and Safety Coordinator based in the U.K. I have worked on many features in the U.K., Budapest and Berlin although I am privileged to have travelled across the Globe on location. I do work outside the Industry as well which keeps me grounded and helps me maintain my skills and expertise.
    Looking forward to be part of the EP network

  • Robert York
    Robert York Member Posts: 1
    edited March 26

    1. I'm Rob York, I'm based in the New York Metro Are but work all over the U.S.
    2. I'm interested in crew and producers
    3. I am currently working as an AUPM (DGA), I hope to move up to UPM
    4. Most influential TV Shows and Films (In no particular order) X-Files, Fargo, Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, 30 Rock, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    5. I'd like to hear about career opportunities, meet new folks and learn ways to sharpen my production skills from Production Lot.

  • Chris Rogers
    Chris Rogers Member Posts: 1

    After living/working/surviving in LA/Las Vegas for 25 years, I recently moved back home to Louisville, KY.

    Website/examples -

    I work mainly as DIT/Media Manager now. Most difficult job was when I was responsible for 26 cameras on Mark Rober's Revengineers!

    During COVID, I wanted to do something productive with my time and took a screenwriting class. I was at the right place, right time, with the right haircut and pitched a celebrity and he interested in buying it.

    I have so many movies in My Top 10 Favorites, that I had to expand it to Top 20. Alien 1 & 2 are way up there. Brilliant example of how Directors have very different views of same material/monster. Looking fwd to seeing Ex Machina on IMAX tomorrow.

    I'd like to see the Production Lot become a friendly place to network for gigs.

    Thanx for your time and have a great day.😀

    MICHAEL STEVENS Member Posts: 1

    Great job on your intro Chris! (inside voice - how do I follow that guy…?) :)

    1. Hello, I am Mike Stevens from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
    2. I am mainly interested in crew, producers, and accounting groups.
    3. Accountant (2nd Assistant Accountant with Directors Guild of Canada currently), aspiring to Production Accountant on large shows. I have my CPA and CFA designations.
    4. The Big Bang Theory - I love those nerds, as I am one of them!  
    5. Enjoyable community, mentoring and netWORKing for gigs as Chris said above.



    Thought of the day: Happy people aren't mean.

  • Susannah d'Arcy
    Susannah d'Arcy Member Posts: 1


    1. My name is Susannah D'Arcy from Los Angeles
    2. I am interested getting an accountant for a company we formed that is about to fund - 5 different films 3 different countries and taxes, currencies. Budgets $15-$25M each
    3. I am a film and tv producer and line producer, with luxury and sporting- live event background
    4. I loved loved loved a discovery of witches - very well made
    5. always looking to connect with international crews, we run a lean company with investor first model. We also own all distribution worldwide and have a sales arm. Who's going to Cannes.

  • BrianStephens
    BrianStephens Member Posts: 2

    My name is Brian Stephens. I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area where I am focusing on Independent Feature Film Productions, Short Films, TV Pilots, Commercials and Pitch Reels. We will also help actors create Actor Reels as well.

    I am interested joining the community so that I can interactive with the industry and either provide my skills to you on your next production, provide production support or help with developing original ideas for a Co-Executive Joint Partnership on new ideas that could be pitched to the streaming media companies. I also love to talk shop.

    At this point in my career I am an Executive Producer / Director. However, I love acting, I love cinematography. I had 15 years working as a Grip / Electric until I became a D.P. - Working with a seasoned cinematographer is something I very much enjoy. I love Acting and writing my own screenplays.

    I'm influenced by old Westerns, Gangster films like Goodfellas, Directors like Alfred Hitchcock, David Fincher, Spielberg, Scorsese, Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and a few others. I enjoy Stephen King Books and love his movie, MISERY. Big Robert Dinero fan, Marlon Brando, Yul Brynner, Boris Karloff and so many others.

    I hope to really make a connection with the community here to hopefully inspire other or be someone that can help others get their projects developed, produced and distributed.

    my company is called Pixel-Flick TV and the website is

  • Dillon Egyes
    Dillon Egyes Member Posts: 1

    Hi! My name is Dillon Egyes. I'm based in NY/Upstate NY and am interested in new filmmaking and acting opportunities all over creation. I am a SAG-AFTRA performer and have been a member for almost 7 years and counting.

    I have experience in a handful of different worlds within the industry. I primarily work as an actress/performer and aspire to work steadily on camera. However, I have experience as Stand-In and body double. Many behind the scenes positions that I have taken on include art department, scenic, set builds, editing and choreography. I enjoy learning more about everything it takes to bring productions to life and I am always looking for new opportunities.

    I've worked with HBO for a few years and enjoyed my time on the set of Pretty Little Liars Seasons 1 and 2. I felt immersed in many performative aspects as I was a stand in/body double for Bailee Madison and many of the other girls on set. I also worked closely with makeup, hair, and costumes as they would design these things on my person as 1st team ran lines. I learned a lot about cinematography, lighting, makeup, and more on that set alone. I continue to carry that experience with me throughout my career

    I'd like to see Production Lot become a friendly place to network for shows

    You can follow me and check out some of my works and performances on my Linktree:

    I also have a small production/rental company called Somewhere Alley and you can find that on my link tree as well!

  • Emma Ward
    Emma Ward Member Posts: 1

    Hi everyone! I'm Emma Ward. I'm an associate casting director based in LA. It's hard to pick only one film or television series that influenced me, but some of my favorites are Empire Records, Parks and Recreation, and The Magicians. Looking forward to making new connections!

  • Gary Kout
    Gary Kout Member Posts: 1

    Hi everyone. Gary Kout here. Producer, Line Producer, AD. I've worked on just about everything that has a camera and a crew. My earliest influences were the indie (at the time) filmmakers of the 80's - Jim Jarmusch, Hal Hartley, Wim Wenders, Gus Van Sant, Spike Lee. I'm most interested in the Producer discussions. Looking forward to i!

  • Margarita Sullivan
    Margarita Sullivan Member Posts: 1
    edited March 28

    Hey there! I'm Margarita Sullivan of Stylus Solutions, where we specialize in Rights and Clearance services. My journey started in the music industry, where I spent a decade immersed in Marketing, Promotions, and A&R departments before venturing into Music Licensing for MTV and New Line Cinema. Eventually, I leaped to launch my very own company.

    I am interested in connecting with Executive Producers, Line Producers, Archival Producers, Editors, and of course, Rights & Clearance Specialists.

    At Stylus Solutions, I proudly hold the title of Founder. It's a role I've poured my heart and soul into, and I couldn't be more excited about the journey ahead.

    When it comes to films or television series that have left their mark on me, let's just say there are too many to count! Each one has played a unique part in shaping both my career and personal life.

    I'm eager to see vibrant networking meetups both in my local area and online. There's nothing quite like connecting with fellow industry enthusiasts and forging meaningful connections that propel us all forward.

    Look forward to connecting! Feel free to reach out!

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